At St. Clare, our coffee has a mission: share relationally-focused coffees and serve towards a greater enjoyment of life from seed to cup. 

While still working closely with Saint Frank Coffee relationships throughout the world,  St. Clare takes a slightly different approach and style in a few ways. Saint Frank works primarily with small producers and microlots that are in limited production and availibility. St. Clare will continue to work with these communities, but will also open up availability by offering regional and appellation blends. These blends offer wider accessibility, and can be enjoyed by more people, while still preserving our family commitment to seasonality. 

We will also roast and serve these coffees in a slightly more developed and accessible roast profile for coffee lovers who enjoy a creamier body and sweetness in their morning cup whether it be a latte, coffee with cream, or a sweet Thai Iced Coffee. And all of these coffees will still be delightful and comforting on their own. After all, St. Clare Coffee is carefully produced, relationally-sourced, and expertly roasted for one purpose: enjoyment. 


Our Signature Little Sister Blend

Balanced Rich Sweetness of Cocoa and salted Caramel combined with Bright Citrus flavors. A blend of 50% Bolivia (fully washed typica and catuai from Caranavi Province) and 50% Burundi (fully washed bourbon from the Dukorere Ikawa Cooperative).

Come into our store to purchase a bag of Little Sister!