Saint Frank is a purveyor of extraordinary coffees that have the ability to bring joy to life through aromas and flavors, but also to bring people together.  The character of our city San Francisco and its namesake Saint Francis shapes how we approach our craft and mission to share relationally sourced coffees and service for a greater enjoyment of life from seed to cup.  The Saint Frank vision and experience can be visited at our award winning and highly regarded cafe in Russian Hill at 2340 Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94109. Learn more about Saint Frank at

As a venture born from Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, St. Clare shares the story and vision as Saint Frank only with a new and different expression.  St. Clare was a young woman growing up in Assisi alongside Francis and she shared a similar awakening and passion for life and the world.  She became the first woman to follow after Francis independent of the very limited options available to women in her time as a very inspirational heroine for women and men alike everywhere.  With Francis as a guiding and inspiring narrative for our approach to coffee and business it only seems fitting that our new project be named after St. Clare.