The Origins of our Inspiration

This past Friday we hosted a screening of A Film About Coffee. The turnout was quite larger than we anticipated and people were even gracious enough to sit on the floor when we ran out of seating. At St. Clare part of our mission is to help people understand the importance of having a seed to cup mentality when buying coffee. Thus, it was incredibly encouraging to see how many people were interested in learning where their coffee comes from. We believe that comprehending where products come from is essential to being a responsible consumer in this day and age. This begins with looking back at the origin of a product and educating oneself on the process taken to develop the final product. While asking questions concerning the sustainability and ethics of the process along the way.


One our dear friends Brandon Loper produced the film. It exposes the complexity of the process it takes to make a single cup of coffee. The film beautifully redefines something we take for granted, a cup of coffee, and paints a picture of the reality of the product as something extremely valuable. It delves into a new perspective of enjoying the simple things, making it a must see! If you missed it make sure to check it out on either itunes or vimeo.

Our team has been continuously inspired by this film and now we get to take our inspiration to a whole new level. In just a few days team St. Clare will be leaving for Northern Thailand to source coffee. This is especially exciting for us because in the past Thailand has not been known for producing quality coffee. However we will be meeting with representatives from Akha Ama Coffee and Lanna Coffee that are pioneering the way of specialty coffee in the Northern Thailand region. Stay tuned for all of the stories to come with this epic adventure!