Meet the Team

Here at St. Clare Coffee our main mission is to cultivate strong, meaningful relationships locally, as well as, globally. That cultivation all begins with our core team. Which is why we think it is important to share with you who those people are!

Kevin Bohlin

Kevin is a man of many talents, he is involved in every part of our company and our brother brand, Saint Frank Coffee. He is really passionate about empowering people through their relationship to coffee.  

Position: Owner

Drink of Choice: Delicious Cappuccino

Fave Pastry: Croissant (any kind)


Always on the pursuit of adventure and bringing people along for the ride.

Position: Manager

Drink of Choice: The Big Ol Black aka Long Black/Americano

Fave Pastry: Oatmeal Cookie



If you need a good laugh Keeya is the one to come to. She is a comedian at heart and makes everyone that walks into the cafe feel like they are the most important one in the room.

Position: Barista

Drink of Choice: Iced Mocha

Fave Pastry: 2-3 Chocolate Chip Cookies per day


If you are a regular at St. Clare, the brightest part of your day is probably being greeted by Cassandra. You will find her dancing behind the bar while multi tasking shuffling out drinks.

Position: Barista

Drink of Choice: Always changing, be sure to ask her drink of the week.  

Fave Pastry: Cream Cheese Danish

But this is just our in house cafe team, our full family extends much further ...

Kevin Bohlin