Why our Worthy Granola is Worthy of Your Attention

At St. Clare we’ve had the opportunity to partner with many amazing and talented people. One of our newer relationships we feel very excited about is Worthy Granola. This granola, in our opinion, is the best granola San Francisco has to offer. Here is a brief interview with the founder, Jeanne Norsworthy.

What inspired you to start a granola company?

I love health and making it part of my life’s mission to take care of my own body, as well as, educate others around me about healthy eating. I started out making granola for my own for friends and family. I wasn’t even thinking about starting the company at all. The encouragement to start a company because of worthy granola. A void for granola that had 100 percent ingredients. Everything she feels happy putting in her body. It resonated with a lot of people. Inspired to start her own thing being in the context of San Francisco.

What makes your granola special?

Each batch is still made by hand, which makes it special. The granola is also made with immense care in the sourcing each individual ingredient. The simple classy clear glass packaging helps the product to stand out among other granolas on the shelf. In terms of the flavor profile for the granola, having the unrefined mineral salt really makes it stand out. The original love granola has a salty sweet flavor profile, similar to kettle corn.

Do you offer different flavors of granola?

Original Love is our original flavor and the one we are selling at St. Clare! Cocoa Raspberry Love has some zing. Tart tangy pop of raspberry. All about preference. No difference in sugar content. There are cacao nibs. Bringing back winter spice in select locations. Will be serving it at our brother store, Saint Frank. Warming pumpkin pie spices to it.

How did you come up with the name?

The name came before the company did. My last name is Norsworthy. As I mentioned before, the granola is made with completely natural ingredients that are good for your body. Which makes it absolutely worthy of your attention.

What coffee beverage do you think is the best combination with Worthy Granola?

The sweet steamed milk with the well balanced espresso of a Cappuccino is the perfect combination with the granola. In addition, one secret is steamed milk over the granola! Ask your baristas to steam milk for it next time, you won’t regret it ;)


Kevin Bohlin