Tasting Notes: Berries and Aromatic Cedar

Producer: Dukorere Ikawa Cooperative

Variety: Bourbon

Story: Burundi is beautiful country with a troubled past, tense present, and hopeful future. One hundred families of the Murinda community grow Jackson Bourbon trees just below the lush Bururi Rainforest of Burundi. Until recently they used to travel a day’s journey to the nearest washing station to sell their cherries to the government. In 2012, they bravely formed the Dukorere Ikawa Cooperative (means “Laughter Coffee”) and built their own washing station to present and market their own unique coffee & community.

The coffee grows up the mountain slopes surrounding Murinda watered by natural springs flowing down from the Bururi Rainforest perched above at 1600m. The cherries are sorted before a full wash employing fermentation in cement tanks and post-fermentation soak. The clean parchment is dried over 21 days providing solid structure in the cup. Dukorere presents bright berry acidity with citrus-like sweetness and surprisingly full body.