Tasting Notes: Smooth, Chocolate and Mild Orchard Fruit

Producer: Juan Jose "J.J. Machicado"

Varieties:Typica, Catuai, Catimor

Story: Bolivia is one of the wildest, most expansive, and beautiful coffee origins in the world. Juan Jose produces a perfect example of Bolivian Specialty Coffee with Organic Typica and Catuai at high elevations on steep and dense jungle terrain for wild but refined flavors of smooth chocolate and mild apples and pears.

Most coffee in Bolivia is grown organically with low production levels, typically by default, due to poverty and lack of available resources but J.J. is working on improving both productivity and sustainability with the help of our exporting partners at Invalsa.  Mostly Typica and Catuai cherries are hand picked and washed on a family hand-cranked de-pulper and then fermented in a wooden box to be washed and dried on raised wooden tables for 15 days.  This family and farm are perfect example of the kind of farmers and communities we are drawn to working with, full of love, hope, and potential.